Development Trajectory Of Water Dance Screen

- Jun 26, 2017-

The Water dance screen has undergone many stages of development, from the vertical screen to the wide screen. The broad screen to the cake water dance screen to the later large-scale water dance screen. Modelling, from flat to curved screen, oblique screen. Application from the general screen partition, to the screen porch furniture.
So, the future of the water dance screen will be in that direction?
Future screens will be in the following aspects of the exhibition.
First, the music screen. This kind of water dance screen, in bringing people water dance performance at the same time, give people play wonderful music, let the water dance performance is not silent. Give water to dance a new soul.
Second, the further improvement of the lighting, from colorful to thousand colors, itself led three colors of the lights have a great potential, if the following lighting can be like the control of the guardrail, then colorful colors can be extended to more.
Third, the Water dance screen more intelligent, so that people can participate in the fun of water dance. The effect of water dancing can be interfered by people, so that different people perform different dances. by touching or sound sensing, let the water dance and human emotions.
Small water dance has a huge development space, as long as the heart water dance screen will be developed to a more beautiful tomorrow!