Summary Of Form Composition Of Glass Water Curtain Screen

- Jun 26, 2017-

Glass Water curtain Screen form

Point-type glass curtain wall is a new type of support in recent years. Point-type glass curtain wall its full name is metal-supported structural point-type glass curtain wall But once appeared, in the city development very quickly.

According to the different way of supporting structure, the point-type glass curtain wall can be divided into the following forms:

(1), metal-supported structural point-type glass curtain wall. This is the most commonly used form, it is made of metal material support structure system, through the metal connectors and fasteners will be firmly fixed on the surface glass, very safe and reliable. Full use of the flexible metal structure to meet the needs of architectural modelling, people can clearly see through the glass supporting the entire structure of the system. Glass crystal clear and metal structure of solid strong, "beauty" and "force" embodiment. Enhance the "virtual", "real" contrast effect.

(2), all glass structural point-type glass curtain wall. It connects the glass supporting structure (glass rib) and the surface glass through the metal connecting piece and the fastener, becomes the building enclosure structure. Simple construction cost is low, glass surface and rib constitute open field of vision, make people pleasing to the eye, building indoor, outer space to reach the maximum degree of visual blending.

(3), rod (cable) structure Point-type glass curtain wall. It uses the stainless steel tie rod or uses the glass to separate the seam to make the curtain wall the supporting structure. The glass is fixed by a metal connector. In the construction of the full precision of the machining, so that the components are subjected to the rod, so the construction should be prestressed, this flexibility can reduce the vibration of glass damage rate.