Water Dance Screen Maintenance And Maintenance

- Jun 26, 2017-

Water Dance screen is a perfect combination of aesthetics and optics high-end products, combined with the world's Feng shui culture and modern decorative design concept requirements. Products are widely used in hotel lobbies, guesthouses, KTV, bars, Bath Center, Spa Club, Aquarium, supermarkets, shopping malls, electrical mobile phone stores, villas, office buildings, visitors Hall, office, banquet halls and other high-end venues!

Water Dance Screen Products daily maintenance:
1. Keep the acrylic surface clean.
2. If the light or air pump is not working during use, check the line.
3. If the air pump does not work in a bubble, please check the pump output pipe.

Water Dance Curtain Wall installation Note:
1. Products in handling, unpacking, assembly process attention to safety, light take care to avoid accidental damage.
2. Ensure that the water injected into the acrylic water curtain is clean and pure water.
3. After adding water to power, * after the product protection film.