Waterscape Screen Application Partition Display

- Jun 26, 2017-

Company to unique technology, with years of waterscape equipment and flume production experience, integrated design and planning construction team, the introduction of water dance bubble wall related products, the water wall uses the high transmittance crystal acrylic manufacture, its characteristic is uses (the water wall principle) to combine the air bubble the streamline and the lamp color diversification, the collection water dance bubble rise, the twist, the flowering, the circle to produce many different patterns geometry, causes the bubble to rise when creates the various water dance changes.
With the application of commercial space design, companies and factories, private housing, boutique, specialty restaurants, nightclubs, aquarium engineering, outdoor landscape, corporate image, etc., according to different attribute categories to tailor-made design, fusion of space and art to create the vitality of the environment, get rid of the rigid static display mode.
Waterscape wall mainly used materials are made of acrylic, LED lights, air pump steam and water composition. Products under the mapping of LED lamp and air pump to create blisters under the role of colorful, noble atmosphere, a symbol of thriving business, the cause of prosperity, put in the living room more family harmony, five blessing, the flow of the bubble sound symbol vibrant, healthy up, children alive!
Large-scale engineering products can be used in a variety of occasions as the background wall, screen partition, logo image display, the main application venues are leisure clubs, nightclubs, KTV bars, hotel decoration wall, private villas, reception, shopping malls, office buildings and so on.