Aqua Extreme 72x45in Water bubble Wall testing

Bubble Back bar LED light with Bubble color changing

Aqua Extreme Digital control 10ft x 10ft Water bubble WAll

Aqua Extreme 16ft x 8ft H divided by 4pcs digital bubble wall

International Hotel Lobby details

3pcs 4ft x 8ft Water Bubble Wall made by Aqua Extreme

High tech Water Bubble wall made by Aqua Extreme

Programe-able Water Bubble wall ,made by Aqua Extreme

4ft x 7ft Room divider White Cabinet with Shelves by Aqua Extreme

factory statue of showroom

Aqua Extreme Digital Water Curtain Testing by Aqua Extreme

Project 2012A

Aqua Extreme79inx79in black acrylic water wall A

5ftx8ft Custom water wall

Horizontal Bubble wall

Aqua Extreme Luxury Golden Frame Bubblel Back Bar 5ft x 6 8ftH

Soothing Feng Shui Waterfall with landscape Art printing made by Aqua Extreme

5m x 2.8m H, Golden Wall -The great waterfall for great place made by Aqua Extreme

Luxury black framed Water bubble wall 40in x 68in H made by Aqua Extreme

Water bubble wall Water bubble wall 60in x 68in H

L24ft x H9ft Digital Bubble Wall testing in the factory

Fantastic pattern changing Bubble wall made by aqua extreme

Digital Bubble Wall Random pattern

Programe-able Water Bubble wall 7ft x 7ft made by Aqua Extreme

Digital Water Bubble wall 25"x79" H. made by Aqua Extreme

L24ft x H9ft Digital Bubble Wall testing in the factory

Aqua Extreme Random bubble wall & Straight bubble wall combination

Aqua Extreme 11ft x 13ft Hotel Lobby Random Pattern

Aqua Extreme Vertex Water Fountain A

Aqua Extreme 6m x5m H digital water curtain

LCD01 indoor water wall,glass water wall, water fountain

LCD02 indoor water wall,glass water wall, water fountain High tech water fountain

Aqua Extreme LCD03 High tech water wall,free custom design of logo and video display

LCD screen water wall made by Aqua Extreme

square block made of water bubble wall, digital control pattern

Giant Vortex Bubble column made by Aqua Extreme

8ftx5ft custom made bubble wall with programed system

8ft x 7ft random pattern bubble wall combination

79x79in custom water wall with Logo

Giant Bubble column Array by programing of lighting and bubbles

Amazing bubble Divider Restaurant decoration